A Busy Summer

A lot has happened this summer. The Art in Hand cards shipped and that has brought a lot of attention. Most recently I was in the Sun Sentinel for my part in those cards. I was very pleased that not only the Sun Sentinel found it an interesting project but that a few web sites [...]

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My Zelda is the 2 of clubs

A unique deck of playing cards showcasing the wide range of extraordinary artistic talent found throughout the USA. Art in Hand produced a deck called the United States Project and I was selected to represent Florida.  Along with 53 other artists we produced a deck that celebrates and showcases the collective talents found within our [...]

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Painting on unprimed canvas

I was recently inspired to paint on unprimed canvas. I saw a series of paintings on my last trip to Wynwood in Miami that were painted this way. I had some very thin linen canvas and this is the result. I decided to do a spontaneous loop design almost like handwriting. I like the way [...]

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