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Art Commissions

Figurative Artist Susan Clifton welcomes art commissions. Her “Grey Matter” series can shift your own grey matter.

Be aware. When you commission Susan to paint a version of her “Grey Matter” figurative art just for you, your own grey matter might easily shift away from the negative self-talk we all do, to self-loving thoughts, instead.

Are you ready for the possibility? To have a beautiful body bursting with energy, a body that can only inspire your day with positive thoughts and feelings and purpose?

You might instead want to commission moist, full lips to say beautiful things about you.

Whatever you commission Susan to paint, be assured she will put a lot of thought into it.

The wonderful thing about her personalized Grey Matter figurative art, is that she will paint whatever body of thought you want, whatever is most relevant to your life.

$3.20 a square inch will inch you closer to what you want to attain. It’s like having your life figured out in full color, in an exquisite, thoughtful work of art.

Art Commissions
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A Painting with Your Own Thoughts.

Be inspired daily with artwork that enhances your life. Commission Susan Today!
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